Etna Dolce

Later on, Giuseppe was joined in the conduction of the firm by his family, involving Maria Grazia, Vanessa and Lorena in the development, marketing, and sales. He was also joined by Angelo, Sonia and Marco Triscari in the development of all activities related to production and logistics. After more than 30 years of work, engagement, sacrifices, love for tradition and passion for confectionary art, ETNADOLCE is today proud to have expanded to an international market and while constantly setting new goals for the future. However, they do not forget how it all began in a small village at the slopes of Etna where furniture and furnishings were lent by the local Church. At ETNADOLCE, beside the unspeakable almond taste, you will always feel the peace and harmony that you usually find in a family. Here people talk, share, sometimes discuss, celebrate when great results are reached, and they roll up their sleeves in front of obstacles. It is a family based on hard word, commitment and perseverance alongside with smiles, passion, strong values, respect and trust.

The Taste of perfection from thirty years

In the very heart of Sicily, an Italian region rich in tradition and gastronomic-culture, Giuseppe Messina founded in 1987 the ETNADOLCE confectionery for the production of marzipan, almond paste, crunchies, candied fruits, soft nougat, handmade Panettoni and Colombe. Thanks to genuine raw materials and fresh ingredients, ETNADOLCE soon became the reference point of the main artisanal bakeries as well as the most luxurious and prestigious food boutiques in the nation, devoting to the creation of “unique and quality Confectionery Specialties”. This is how Mandorlino was born, a layer of crunchy almonds and pistachio, and Marzaroma, flavored marzipan fruit, that are today well-known and truly appreciated all over the world.